Moody is I

It’s 95 degrees Fahrenheit

Clear skies, sunny as all can be

Yet I’m using an umbrella because I fear I’ll be struck by lightning and that’s the only thing that can protect me from being abducted by aliens

Mood instability is a rollercoaster with no exit

So, ladies and gentlemen, keep all your limbs inside the car


The only people who can tell when I crash are my parents

Who sat through plenty of therapy sessions

Of me describing what it’s like to scratch off your skin because you feel bugs underneath

Every time my father sees the light in my eyes switch off

His heart breaks a little


People like Vincent van Gogh, Sylvia Plath, and Paul Gauguin

All suffered from the plight of their own minds

They were all loved by someone

My father watches over me

Because he has seen the destruction

From his own father to his daughter

He has seen the storm of sadness tear the walls from my foundation

Just like van Gogh had his brother Theo watching over


Hopelessness and desperation come crashing over me as powerful as riptides

There are days happiness reigns over

Sometimes you have to dig the sunshine out of your bones

Sometimes you have to push yourself off that bed

Just to see the light of day


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