Words Chose Me

I didn’t choose to love words

Language clawed her way into my chest desperate to make a home out of me

I see words in the way waves lick sandy beaches

In the way waves get angry and fight to change the mountains

Words sing through my bones as I look up at the moon through clouds or against an array of stars

But your words haunt me like a city pigeons follows someone with food

I never want to be in love again

I fear the words you pieced together meant for only me

Will flash before my eyes while I’m kissing a new lover

As you’re now whispering the same sweet nothings to another girl

I wanted to rip every rib out of my chest

I wanted to mail my heart to you with a note reading:

“All the words I wanted to say enclosed. All the words I have left.”

Since you threw me away I learned to use a pen as a knife that slowly kills

I learned to pour my entire being into poems I know you won’t bother reading

Because I am words beautifully strung together like Christmas lights

And you’re nothing to me anymore


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