Category 5

You’ll truly know when someone was good for you 6 months after you stop speaking

For example, he gets mad at what I post on social media

Yet he follows me on nothing anymore – we aren’t even Facebook friends -thus he must do some hardcore stalking

He cut me off many moons ago

He also has a new girlfriend

Is she ok with this?


You tell your friends I’m the one who did you wrong

But I handed you the gun the day I first kissed you

I dug my own grave

Now I lay in the coffin with a bullet to the heart

You keep the gun in your dresser now

I guess you won the battle

But you won’t win the war


I’m still a work in process

I’m a town after a category 5 hurricane

Don’t tell me I never did anything for you

When I gave you everything I had

My heart is still black and blue

Yet I’m back on my feet

Just let me live

It’s my turn to let go


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