New Year’s Passing

The past 365 days have been full of ups and downs – but mostly ups

I know how cliché that sounds

There were plenty of moments that had me in hysterics of laughter

Or left with a fuzzy feeling in my chest

An unhappy ending nudged its way into July

As I plied myself away from someone I was once planning to spend my life with

But he has found love again and I’m happy for him

I learned to love myself again – it came with work and patience

You learn to laugh at yourself

I also figured out the secrets to being whole without a significant other

I learned to not hang onto anger – in order to grow and move on you have to learn to forgive

An old flame meandered back to me

Sometimes two people who are meant for each other meet at the wrong time

They’ll wander back because there is a feeling in their bones telling them it’s time now

Every molecule they’re made of is acting on a magnetic force dragging them back together


I closed many doors and opened new ones

I figured out who was good for me and who didn’t make the cut

I grew leaps and bounds in my workplace

I gained confidence I didn’t know I had

My laughter and listening ears made people feel comfortable again

We’ve all made it through a year that threw challenges at us we didn’t think we could conquer

Congratulations! You can make it through another

I promise


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