Second Chances

Somewhere out there a person believes that you shouldn’t give second chances

Because they never change, they just get better at lying

I think everyone deserves a chance to redeem himself

But you have to know when to stop giving chances

If he keeps telling you he’s kicking it with some buddies

But you find a message to another girl on his phone saying “I love you baby I can’t wait to see you again tonight” time stamped an hour ago

It’s time to leave his sorry ass

You have been a fleeting thought in his mind for long enough that he has found another

If your best friend is addicted to drugs and has been in and out of rehab and jail

Your chance to intervene is gone

She has to want to fetch help for herself, you can’t do it for her

Believe it or not you can’t  save everybody

You have to watch them crumble to the ground, no matter how much it breaks your heart

Just remember to be good enough that when someone comes back to you and admits they made a mistake bigger than Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

Let them back in and let them prove to you that they have changed their ways

Don’t be so cold hearted that polar bears and penguins won’t survive


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