Worship Your Feet

Lay down every nasty name in your arsenal to call me

Lay my name into a casket to be buried in a graveyard of names that no longer cross your lips

My departure was what feels like years ago – we have both grown and changed

You could say we have grown up

Write me out of your life story if you really need to

I hope your love for her grows with each day that passes

And I hope she becomes more to you than I ever was

She has so much more potential than I

As for me – I will continue to be the author of my own story

I find meaning in the wind blowing through my hair and the ground I plant my feet on

I have learned to worship the moon because she never fails to rise at night

I have begun to appreciate everything around me

I am no longer angry at the world

Worshiping the air she provides me in my pass time

Because somehow the stars aligned for me to exist at this brief moment in time

Cherish the time you’ve got


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