Spread Your Wings

Lay down your weapons

Every word meant to kill me

Unclench your fists, they’ve already done their job

My heart was left black and blue a long while ago

There are no more tears left for you in my eyes

When we stopped talking I first felt like I was living on a tightrope

Whenever something significant happened I wanted to tell you like I always did

But every time I got the brutal reminder that you weren’t here to listen anymore

As time went on it was easier to forget

There’s a Peter Pan quote out there somewhere – something along the lines of don’t say goodbye because it means forgetting

Yet when I finally allowed myself to say goodbye, it allowed me to spread my wings

Forgetting allows me to open my arms to anyone who needs a friend

It opens my heart to allow the right person all of my love

For now I can be happy alone

Alone does not mean you’re failing at being desirable

You may be allowing yourself to heal

Or on a mission to find your forever

Just lay down every bit of anger

And live free

For someone may be looking for a person like you or I

Because believe it or not someone can enjoy a girl who basks in her weirdness

Sometimes a stubborn girl with no volume control is just what someone is looking for


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