Miss Trauma

Trauma doesn’t  like to let go

I have a theory she doesn’t know how

I have blocked out every single memory

Yet she still makes herself known

She taps on my shoulder when I’m walking down the street

Making it so I have to look back to make sure my past isn’t lurking in my shadow

I do little things like wearing contacts instead of my glasses

Because remembering events tied to something seemingly harmless reopens scars I thought had healed

Trauma whispers you sweet nothings

Seducing you with ideas that you deserved each kick, punch,  and everything inbetween

When someone tells you that you deserved it because you keep  falling into the same goddamn cycle

Smile and tell them no

Finding my smile again hurt more than explaining over and over again what happened

You can’t tell me  my worth anymore

I find it in a sun that blisters skin

A moon that leads to home like a compass

And everything else inbetween


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