Not Always Bruises

People always ask why I left my ex

Because he is oh so attractive

Or he is so musically talented

Just because someone is aesthetically pleasing

Doesn’t obligate you to stay with them

Nor does sheer talent

He told me he could never love another the way he loved me

Yet he touched me as if I was a book he no longer cared to read

He talked down to me

Like my default was on my knees

A month after I left him he deleted me off Facebook and unfollowed me on all social media

Talk about being fucking bitter

See he didn’t have to experience the power of his words

How they felt like kicks and punches

Leaving me feeling black and blue

Every time I stood my ground his words would rip out my throat

He stuck his hand into my chest

Suffocating my heart

Twisting it out slower than paint dries

Enjoying the sound of every blood vessel ripping

Don’t tell me he was a good fit


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