Does anyone have certain smells that remind them of something or bring them back to a point in their life that has passed? For example a certain perfume I have brings me to the 2011/2012 school year when I was insanely depressed. The smell of warm air penetrating the cool and the grass growing remind me of the month I was diagnosed with depression. Rain’s fresh scent reminds me of all the summers spend running around in the muddy marshes barefoot at a YMCA camp that is entirely in the woods. Certain soaps my mother buys reminds me of spans of a month or two when I was first getting into a certain band or when I started listening to slam poetry (Rudy Francisco and Neil Hilborn are my favorite if you’re wondering). Or how laundry detergent brings me back to my ex’s house. I know a lot of people have songs or photographs, but for me smells bring back all the memories and the person I was at the point in time. Am I the only one?


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