So I realize I haven’t posted in a while. I have been busy with filling out college applications and school work. This summer I was also very busy with my job, traveling, and getting my wisdom teeth removed. Fun fact(s) I only had three wisdom teeth and one had grown in sideways. The park closed in November, so since then I have been doing copius amounts of school work and such. I also traveled to Japan with my mom in August. I will talk about that a little later in this post.

So with applying to colleges, the three I applied to were an art school, a small liberal arts college, and the state university. I got accepted to all three surprisingly. I would study photography if I went to art school, communications if I went to the liberal arts school, and linguistics if I went to the state university. I’m not sure which I will attend yet, any advice will be kindly taken.

I also visited Japan with my mom! We were in Kyoto for a week and we were in Tokyo for three days just about. It was insanely cool! My dad lived in Japan while he was in the service, so he told us a little about what it was like when he was living there. Kyoto was beautiful, my mother and I visited a lot of shrines and such. We even went to a saki factory, but I wasn’t allowed any saki since I was underage. One of the coolest places we visited was the Nara Deer Park. It was amazing how tame the deer were. While we were in Tokyo, my mom had to give a presentation at the Japan headquarters of the company she works for. While she was doing that, I ventured around Tokyo by myself. It was kind of intimidating, but cool at the same time. I traveled from the Shinjuku station to the Daimon station to visit the Pokémon Center that was nearby, which I just found out is permanantly closed. As you guys may or may not know, I am a huge Pokémon fan! I actually still have the sticker and souveneir bag they gave me when I visited the shop. I then traveled back to Shinjuku staion via the Daimon station. I made it back to my hotel, getting a little lost, but luckily I had the pocket wifi on me so I could use Google Maps to get back.

I promise I will get back to my regular Tuesday posting this week!

If you want to see my pictures from Japan, visit here it goes right to the album:

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