Age Living With Society

7 years old
Not a care in the world
All the girls in my grade are so much thinner than me
So I stop eating
I’m afraid to go to school
She’s going to hit me again today
Like yesterday and all the other days before
I start dissecting myself with scissors
So the darkness begins
I’m so thin I could disappear
I stumbled upon a razor blade to spill my veins on this page
And down the drain
The darkness is consuming
Maybe that’s why I’m in this hospital
They gave me PTSD
I hallucinate on a regular basis
Without drugs
No one listens
He tells me I’m beautiful
I don’t believe him
He left me with cracked ribs
I am no longer thin enough to disappear
People are starting to listen
But I still feel so worthless
I split open my veins
So why am I still here?
Because I’m more than that

Video Here


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