Love Past Tense vs Love Present Tense

All I wanted
Was for you to love me
Hell you probably still do
Or at least still feel something
Maybe hatred
Actually – probably hatred
See it only took me walking away
To quit being so oblivious about it

Now he loves me
A musician and a poet collided
An alcoholic and an smoker
When that combination collides
Love is eternalized

When he touches me it’s not the same
When he dresses words up pretty to make me feel better
It’s not the same
I loved you
But that love was one sided

I felt this burning sensation
It was as if you didn’t
You didn’t feel a thing for me

Now he’s furiously in love
Either with me or the idea of me

You ask what it’s like to be sober
To tell you the truth I haven’t been less
I couldn’t manage drunk so I tried high
High didn’t feel nearly as good as nicotine
I should probably depend more on nicotine than blood

But I miss you
And I still love you
I don’t know what’s next


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