Love’s 13 Reasons Why

How to tell someone you love them

Or show them rather

1. When he gives you a mixtape full of cheesy songs for your one month, write him a poem

2. Give him the poem, he’ll love it

3. Tell him you like him more than coffee

I like coffee a whole damn lot

But trust me I like him more

I’m sure he appreciates it

4. Addition to #1, add swears to that poem

They add emphasis, don’t be afraid of them

5. Make him a mixtape

Wether it’s been 2 days or 6 months

Give it to him

Chances are you’ll have different tastes but he’ll love it anyways

6. There will be days or weeks you wish he didn’t self destruct all the time

You would do anything to make him happy

7. Learn to enjoy making out in the woods

Even if it’s  behind the school

And the cross country team always interrupts

8. Don’t hate his parents for trying to keep you apart

For all you know it could make the two of you stronger

9. Don’t let the scars on your wrist define you

And don’t let his define him

We all struggle sometimes

10. Find the right time to tell him about your mental illness(es)

Yes I’m looking right at you

He’ll thank you for being honest and open

11. Teach him to love himself

Just don’t show any hints of your self hatred

If you can’t teach him to love himself

Show him someone can love him despite his self loathing

12. Show him your poetry blog

Maybe he will feel less alone

13. Tell him you’ll do anything for him

Even if he gets kicked out of his house

Because his strict mother is overly religious and refuses to let her son love someone

If this means being patient and waiting

Do it anyways



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