Shit I’m In Love

When you first held my hand

I was overflowing with joy

Now let me tell you something

There was a time when

I would go to sleep hoping I wouldn’t wake

I had seriously considered dowing pills, jumping off a bridge, or tying that damn belt around my neck

I spilled scarlet from my veins for comfort

So when our fingers interlocked

I told myself that recovery felt good

You appear in my dreams

It always ends with you kissing me

I just hope when that day comes

I’m filled with butterflies – and not the kind you feel when you’re so close to downing those pills

But the “shit I’m in love” kind


2 thoughts on “Shit I’m In Love

  1. I don’t mean this in a diminutive sense at all, but this poem made me giggle at the end. Thank you for that 🙂 I really appreciate what you are saying here, and thank you for sharing your thoughts, feeling and writing with us.

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