Notes For An Ex

Heartache is a vicious beast trying to claw its way out of my heart from the inside out. No one can see how I’m dying inside. I still ache for his touch.

My heart is being ripped out of my chest because you don’t love me anymore.

I keep tearing you out of my skin and sewing you back in during my sleep. I just need to let go.

I miss when you kissed me passionately. You’re slipping away from me and you don’t even notice it. My heart stings like it’s screaming for you to come back in to my arms.

I want to tear open my chest and set my Desmond free. Unfortunately it’s not that east. Instead parts of them slither out of my veins.

I like winter because you can’t tell which is your breath and which is the cigarette smoke.

I got drunk last night to forget about you. Instead your memory came back 10 times stronger. I’m not sure which hurt more, the hangover or remembering.

I’d rather relapse than love you again. You causes me more pain than the blade ever did.


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