My Sister is Getting Into Private School While I’m Spilling Coffee on My Desk

So 2 days ago my sister found out she got accepted to one of the most prestigious private high schools in the country, Phillips Exeter. Later on that evening I ended up spilling coffee one desk. Where is this story going to go? Well the title of this post was my Facebook status that night. People commented that we are two different people with two different paths. We deducted that I wouldn’t like private school anyways. If you didn’t know, I attend the regional public school that has many characters including myself. The school as a whole also has character. I mean last year someone put one of the sharks they were dissecting for marine biology into one of the toilets.
I just am wondering how my parents could create two totally different children. I excel in the arts while my sister excels academically. I got a gold key at scholastics while she is a year ahead in math and science. She is a dancer while I run a blog. We are a year and a half or so apart but we are worlds apart personality wise. How did this happen?


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