Where can I start? It was fabulous all together. First off we went to an ice cream shop that also sells various other things like mugs and candy. The ice cream I had was called Cookie Monster, and I ended up putting hot fudge, sprinkles, and M&M like candies on top of it.



Then we went to an arcade called FunSpot. It’s allegedly one of the largest arcades in either the US or the world, I’m not sure which. I ended up about 20 away from 2000 tickets. I topped everyone in my party by almost 1500. I was surprised myself because I don’t consider myself the lucky type.


We went to one of the local Common Man restaurants for dinner. The next day we went skiing at Waterville Valley. My father went skiing as well as everyone else (except my mother who took photos). I don’t have any photos unfortunately. The next day we went into Plymouth. We went to a half ice cream shop, half bookstore.


We also went on a sleigh ride earlier in the day. Neither father went, but everyone else did. The dog liked my friend’s little brother a bit. By a bit I mean the dog was on top of him being a bit inappropriate. The dog even rode on the sleigh with him.


We also visited the ice castle at Loon. It lit up at 6 at night. We got to see it in the daylight and at night when it was all lit up. Someone even built Olaf from Frozen. The ice castle looked very cool when it was lit up.


If you want to see all the kids with Olaf minus me, go check out my flickr. My username is ainsli3eliza and it’s in with the most recent photos. As of now I haven’t put the photos from this vacation in a set. I had a fun time!



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