Perfect Shirt, Perfect Timing

With all going on in Ukraine, this would be a perfect time to wear my “Я ❤️ Киев” shirt. Weirdly enough, without thinking I packed that shirt for vacation. So guess who’s wearing that shirt today? Me. I would link everyone to the site that sells these shirts but I am on my phone and I no longer have the link. I’ve already gotten questions about what the shirt says and what language it is in. Of course you could say either Ukrainian or Russian. It is the perfect shirt to show support for either side you’re on, I happen to be on the side of the rebels. I’ve heard news from the capital, like the Heaven Hundred (Ukrainian: Небесна сотня). There are also pictures all over of the center square of Kiev before and during/after the riots. Pictures during the riots are also circulating the Internet. Let me tell you, some are awful. I hope anyone in Ukraine is staying safe.


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