Vacation Has Begun!

Thus, I have taken a few photos already of adventures taken. Already we [my family and a family close to mine] have been to FunSpot, which is an arcade in state. There I won about 20 tickets away from 2000, topping everyone else by almost 1500 tickets. We also went to an ice cream joint called Kellerhaus, in which we always visit. They have an old fashion candy shop within the entire store, with old fashion prices as well. I ended up having Cookie Monster ice cream because they didn’t have any cookie dough. Today we went skiing. I ended my afternoon early due to the fact that I couldn’t feel my fingers. My knee has wonked out now. While sitting in the lodge with my father after checking out for the afternoon, I checked onto tumblr and found out about a newly released song from The Horrors. They also announced the release date for their new album and allowed for preorders to be taken from their website, all happened while I was skiing. Last night they announced the name of their newest album and released the album art. If you knew me personally, you would know The Horrors are one of my favorite bands, therefore I had to preorder their album. May 5th is the release date for this new album. 

Of course when vacation is through, I will edit and publish many of the photographs I took.


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