Fighting Fire With Violence

When the notion that another had taken over my life by laying their hands on me washed over and sunk in

Every bit of recovery slipped through my fingers
The progress was erased
A feeling of violation took over
I lost my smile
“Why me” and “what did I do to deserve this” ran through my head
But a light went on
Maybe I’m a spark that could ignite a wildfire of revolutions – the revolutions that many fear
Some of these people want to put out these fires by acting as if their hands creating violence towards me was the water that would put out the fire burning inside me
Thus making me think taking a razorblade to myself was ok because they acted with hatred towards me
So why couldn’t I?
As the PTSD and bruises outwardly show my suffering
Rock bottom is a destination I’ve already visited
I made home there for a while – hell it’s still my home
But the fire is still raging within me

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