Dear Rebels of Kyiv,

Congratulations! You guys got the leader of your city to run, now you have control of the government buildings. 

Dear Rebels of Ukraine,

You have so many people like I, rooting for your cause. If you haven’t seen my Facebook, have a look:



I am one person out of many who are raising awareness through a few pictures of the situation of Ukraine. I am so proud as are many. The fact that you guys are fighting back is fantastic. The loss though, it’s devastating. So many people should not have lost so much to stand up for such a cause. All I am saying is do not give up. You have your support all around the globe. Unfortunately you aren’t the only country fighting. Countries like Venezuela are also fighting, so the spotlight isn’t only on Ukraine. In my opinion there should be a huge spotlight on Ukraine, not just little blips about the state of the country on the morning news. 

This little victory is Kyiv is huge in the battle. It’s one step closer to the victory of the rebels. If anyone has seen pictures of the happenings, it’s awful. I congratulate all the rebels. I fully support your cause.




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