So me being the artist that I am, I am thinking of a way of getting myself known out there. I am thinking of selling pieces and prints of mine. I have been told that I have a different, and likable style. I apparently have a painting style that many desire. My style has said to be very free. I won a gold key in the New Hampshire Scholastic Awards for one of my pieces. These first few photos I would be willing to make prints of if anyone was interested.



These next few photos I could make some prints of and sell the originals. You can also just look at them for eye candy. Later on I will make a post of pieces I have done in an art class I take outside of school. Those are often much better quality since I am mentored on those pieces. In the class I have done stuff like watercolor on pen and ink (that’s what one a gold key in Scholastics), and a black and white self portrait with one colored focal point. The self portrait isn’t finished yet but I’m up to posting it when it is.



I am also open for requests from people for pieces. I know these aren’t the best quality pieces I have to offer but they’re something. Art is something that helps me release myself. I am thinking of attending an art college if I get in and not into any of the other colleges I want to attend. My next post will probably contain pieces I was mentored on. Credit goes to the poem authors and quoted.


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