This weekend I traveled north to have a ski weekend. It was a fun weekend overall if you take out bickering between siblings. One morning we went swimming and I got some candid shots like this one.Image

I also spent much of my time while in the clubhouse, where the pool is located, on my phone. Since we were north of the major city of New Hampshire, there wasn’t great reception. Plus you’re in the woods at this resort. The only place you can get reception is in the clubhouse, plus they offer free wifi. With the free wifi, I could check my blog and type things out. I could also check my other social networking sites. 

We also went skiing as stated in another post. I had a lot of fun. I spend a majority of the times taking photos and warming up in the lodge. My dad, who is in his late 60’s is in his 5th year of learning to ski. He hasn’t quite gotten turning yet, but he’s getting there. It’ll be a great story to tell people when I’m older, my father learned to ski at about 65.



My sister and our friend also snowboarded. This was my sister’s first time snowboarding, but our friend had snowboarded before. Our friend’s entire family was snowboarding with them. My dad was on skis while my mother and I were taking pictures. I got some great ones that are now up on my flickr. Here are just two. The first is my friend and the second is my sister.



This morning my dad, friend’s mother, and I took a walk on the lake that the resort is on. Each cabin has a dock with a boat on the lake. The resort also has a beach. As you can imagine I took photos. The walk instilled some amazing views such as two pickup trucks on the ice. It was also quite the workout. I was out of breath by the time I got back to the cabin. My friend’s mother wend sledding after we got back. Here she is during our adventure on the ice.



I would say all in all it was a good trip. The ride is long for just a weekend but I’m use to trekking up there all the time. We had malfunctioning toilets, showers, and plumbing in general. We had to go to empty cabins to shower and go to the bathroom by the end of the weekend. While walking back to the cabin we were staying in after my shower one night, my hair froze. You can see all my photos by using this link and all the photographs from this weekend are in that set. I hope everyone had a good weekend!



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