Add1Challenge Week 2 With Ukrainian

Ok so starting last September I did my first Add1Challenge with Korean, my personal challenge ended on December 31, 2013. It didn’t go too well. This is my second attempt at one of these challenges, but this time I’m doing Ukrainian which is a language I’m more passionate about.


3 thoughts on “Add1Challenge Week 2 With Ukrainian

  1. Another language lover! Ukrainian is an interesting choice — why did you choose it? I guess I’m either totally out of the loop, but I must ask: what exactly is the Add1Challenge?

    1. I love Ukraine! It’s that simple. The Add1Challenge is a 3 month challenge where you try to sharpen your skills in another language. It is run by Brian Kwong, who is fantastic!

      1. The simple reasons are always the best. And loving a country/language is more than enough of a reason to start learning! Thanks for the info!

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