True Love ?

The sun dies for the moon to breathe

Romeo and Juliet committed suicide for each other

Augustus’ cancer kills him

Hazel loves him even after he’s so far gone

Ophelia drowned from the weight of her dress

Hamlet lived – even for a little longer

Alaska crashes her car in a rage thus killing herself

While Miles was stuck in the labyrinth of suffering

They say true love makes you want to tear your hair out

That it’s not suppose to be easy

Truth is we could have it worse

You’re the reason my blood has stayed a burning scarlet

Rather than the deathly shades of violet and blue

But we’re both damned

You think you’re worthless

I think I’m much less than that

My joy is drowning in alcohol,

Often setting fire to my lungs,

Making blood arise from my skin

Just so I can feel

And you – you think you’re a failure

Which I don’t understand

For you hold the world in the palm of your hand

Your smile asks the questions my laugh answers

But the ladders of scars

Up and down our arms, thighs, anywhere people won’t see

Indicate that one of us will lay

Bleeding out the measly amount of life we have to our name

While the other is forced to live

Knowing no other love will come close

To the person their demons waltzed with



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